OUTDOOR GORILLA GROW 2020, feeding and watering the Cannabis plants

It’s been nearly 5 weeks now I haven’t been to this site, I’m been very busy updating the website with lots of new products to review for all of you guys and girls, …


  1. A helpful tip would be to run pvc pipe from the top to the bottom of the hole. In the hottest months watering under the ground can prevent evaporation as well as getting nutes directly to the root mass. A6ft piece of pvc can make like 5 or 6. If you get wide pieces it'll hold more water. My dad used to use metal pipes for our "actual" trees in arizona. I later adapted it for our uses.

    Also very nice grow ✌✌

  2. Have you checked blumats? I always thought those might be best. They keep the soil wet as long as you have a resovoir in a higher spot. They really work great. Fully gravity fed

  3. I suffer from PTSD and think your idea and what you are doing is amazing the last person to help with mine is a nurse who then used all she helped with against me for her own self gain, I've tried getting something done about it by following the correct procedures but nothing at all is being done I'm left homeless struggling more than ever before because of an NHS nurse and the NHS couldn't care, too much respect for what you are trying to achieve man if I could afford to buy things I would but I'm not able to feed myself ATM so unfortunately I can not put towards your great cause x

  4. Man your plants are so unhappy and small… get some good soil and keep it fluffy and stop planting in patted down native ground… you will have big healthy thick plants that grows fast if you give your plants a good start to life and get some good feminized seeds your gonna need it! Maybe the ground is too wet or something? Because your leaves should be pointing upwards “praying” so to speak.. my plants grow the size of your plants in about 11 days outdoors this time of year there on a rampage but it’s only because I give them big 60-100 gallon holes backfilled with organic dry ammendments ..gotta keep your soil un-packed and fluffy as possible to get them roots exploding my man

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