On Marijuana and Legalization (Pt. 1) | Jesse Ventura | POLITICS | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Governor Jesse Ventura (actor and author) about his new book “Marijuana Manifesto.” Watch Dave Rubin’s full …


  1. Where is Jesse Ventura on reducing animal cruelty in meat industry.. An important subject to many young people and other voters. What good way to show our compassion. I am a meat eater but i feel a strong support against animal cruelty will comme halfway to meet vegans and vegetarians.. Big block of people

  2. Actually the Bible says “ Thou Shall Not Murder”. The Most High sent the Israelites into war, for real reasons of course. Isreal/Judah NOT Israe-li/Jew-ish, by the way. What does Jew-ish mean? 🤥!

  3. All wars have been waged for corporate(elite) profits. No other reason. There is good money in war, and F#$%k the people actually having to fight it. Wake up people. The Governments and the corporations of the world have the same master. Go within and have an awesome journey. Namaste

  4. I know this video is almost 2 years old but man I love this guy. Jesse got ran off because he speaks his mind and has half a brain. He scared politicians. Just my humble opinion and I am entitled to it. I'm sure I will get comments about it, I don't care. As an American I am entitled to my little opinion. Sorry, direct McCoy family descendent and I'm a little outspoken. Especially when I'm not hurting anyone by voicing my opinion.

  5. Jesse, we should talk. I am MK Ultra and kill whether I want to or not and nobody honors or even gives a shit about me.What would you say after you talk to a delta force programmed asset? angelinvokan@outlook.com. Thanks. I love you all.

  6. It's such hipocracy. Cannabis is not dangerous, but we still can not grow our own. Instead it's been sidetracked into the stock market.
    How perverse. Those same people who used to be staunch anti-Cannabis, are now investors looking to make a killing. All of our wants and needs are contrived to be met by corporations. The seeds are the nature component. That's why they're all gone from what's supposed to be a natural product.
    It allows too much liberty. No brewery, no farmer, no pharmacy.
    Like most everything else that should belong to The People,
    Cannabis is taken from our garden and locked behind corporate plate glass.

  7. Jesse has strayed from his original direction. Cold war ? Come on Jesse, you know the first one was a smoke screen. And supporting Kapernick ? I agree everyone should be able to protest but do it in a way that isn't lazy. Do these millionaires donate money for their cause or do they spend time in the off season volunteering for it ? No. They are too busy spending their money. Do they expect the problem to just go away by spending 3 minutes on their knees or do they just expect others to solve their problems for them. I used to follow Jesse religiously but its obvious he has taken a different direction.

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