1. Chef AJ, you mentioned that you skipped a late dinner once to see if you would be hungry for breakfast the next day and it didn't work. Remember that it takes more than 1 day to break lifelong habits 😉 Just like it takes more than 1 day to lose the excess pounds that were accumulated over the course of years, it will also take more than 1 day to teach your body a healthier eating schedule🙂 (after having followed a suboptimal schedule for six decades). So give it some time😊 Your body can re-learn a new way, just like it learned to enjoy whole foods SOS-free😊 May God bless the work you do to bless humanity 🤗

  2. What a privilege to be able to watch these videos, thank you so much Dr Nedley for sharing your knowledge and Chef AJ for tirelessly organising these online Q&As, presentations, etc. It makes you realise how little doctors in the UK know.

  3. Having breakfast to look forward to (oatmeal + fruit or toast & avocado + fruit) helps me want to get up and start the day. I'd be miserable without a healthy breakfast but I have a light dinner (usually soup only). It's whatever works for you.

  4. I used to have HORRID anxiety, but when I started eating a whole food vegan diet, it just went away. Like….100% gone. My doctor didn't even understand how it was possible, but she does now tell her patients about my experience, and that they should consider the diet. And in a somewhat ironic turn of events, (I being a dietitian) she now sends an occasional patient of her's my way. IT'S THE FOOD!!!!

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