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The no till room has been vegging for over a month. I went in with a scythe and scissors once the fava beans started flowering to cut the cover crop and do some …


  1. Hey bud,thx for the info oh yea,one of the terpene most wanted for me for all time is Licorice not basil but cognac base alcholgasy whit a black peppery pachulis sanddalwood cinamom,lavanders whit hints of orange mango fresh tropical sour pizzie nag champa inciense temple balls for smell aromas terpene profile and essential oils compounds.long times ago i grow 3 strain whit a similary profile terpene,the orange master kush of scott blake think cross but don t now the strain maybe hawaian sativa ,a Congo Black Point, point noire,that pure sativa get black ,leaves stem ,buds like vainilla sticks when is dry.and a swazi too landrace tobacco licorice earthy,th purple durbam poison kulu seeds have a anissete anis absenthe licor,but diferent way,and a afghani hash mazar i shariff grow for make hashish crossed whit another unknow indica ,but is very light and only making hash whit it,this terpene appair.c99 estabilizated 99 is a pheno of jack herer ,cubing the clone method for 99 per cent get the original pheno and stabilizated ,one of my favorite breeder all times ,his genetic speak for itself,MR.SOUL andSLayte THE BROS GRIMM aww yeA bree true every time,very intresting your work i wish u cand find i a nice pheno sure dude,good lucky keep working we keeping watching your job.Thanks for all peace 420

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