1. The cost of $3600 is misleading. In NJ that much FECO would cost you upwards of $10000 to obtain legally through the NJ Medical Marijuana program. At $800 an ounce, the flat rate in NJ in MM, you would get about 4 grams of FECO or RSO. You need about 60 grams to treat cancer, so about $800 x 15 = $12000. Oh, by the way, you can only buy 2oz a month in NJ, so you would have to save up for 8 months to get enough to be treated properly.

  2. I'd get the highest Cbd possible. I've been off thc for awhile due to nj unjust laws I ended up finding a better way without thc so I'm no longer breaking the law but its honestly better than the shitty shwag I was getting around here n the high thc was not helping me I need high Cbd for my mental issues and back surgery i had ect…and its working but I've never been able to try the real true oil…I've been a advocate for vaping for a long time so its the only way I ever could quit smoking cigarettes I only was able to try oil in a pot vape pen once n it was amazing but sadly its illegal to get n nj is still stuck in reefer madness I can't wait to rally on 4/20 I don't even care to smoke it anymore I'm all edibles only for health reasons my body is starting to work again and I can get out of bed…I just wish I really knew how safe the products I'm getting are due to them being in this grey area n nj being asinine, its so confusing for people when they begin researching Cbd specifically but god bless it I found the loophole of the gods…or if still be suffering manic depression & never leaving my bed..now I feel like I got a second chance to live and do something with my life when before it felt so helpless… Can't wait to meet you on 4/20 ! -Melinda aka @Vapecat love all your videos n can't wait to take it to the streets

  3. Hey ed, the oil works better as a suppository. I know it's gross but you absorb more thc directly instead of it being filtered by your kidneys.

    Good luck with it I hope it works for you. Free the weed.

  4. Right on man this is exactly the kind of compassion the world needs.
    Bless you Adrienne you're truly a Angel of mercy. If we were not blocked
    from growing in AZ I'd be doing the same exact thing to help others free of charge. 

  5. If the state wasn't so ignorant, they could make that 3600 and HEAL people instead of taxing 10s of thousands for nuclear toxic treatments at the hospitals. And even more pitiful is its 3600 BECAUSE ITS NOT LEGAL. If it was legal and grown all over, the market prices would plummet and tons of people would cure their cancer naturally with this PROVEN FOR A FACT oil (stage 4 cancer cure, proven fact for lung cancer patients as well as brain tumors). In 10 years we will ALL look back on people like Christie and see what kind of backwards, corrupted logic he used against his own people, all for HIS own benefit.

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