New Killer Strains From ILGM (I Love Growing Marijuana)

If you want some killer strains, they’re all top shelf genetics and highly recommend ILGM. Seriously, I love growing marijuana for all your seed online ordering …


  1. Show us some support by dropping a like and subscribing! Didn't upload for two weeks because I had a sore throat. Sorry guys but I'm back! 🙂 Congrats Frankiboi86 on being the winner of the giveaway!

  2. I got burned by these asshole twice, one for a fertilizer kit which I never got cause they didn't have them and for the $39 I spent, he sent me 5 seeds that where crap, by from USA not from these assholes in amsterdam. And he keeps sending me offers after I have tried to I have tried to unsucribe!!

  3. I've been growing cannabis for 25 years. Don't waste your money on ILGM. Only pathetic, ignorant amateurs use them. They sells FAKE GENETICS. I grew their MK ultra, so did two other growers in our circle. They all grew larfy as fuck and smelled of cheese and burnt hair. I emailed Robert B. (the owner of ILGM). He said they create all their genetics in house, even the ones that were originally created and trademarked by TH Seeds and DNA. He sent me another pack but they all grew to the same leafy bullshit cheese bud. STAY AWAY FROM They guarantee their shitty seeds, but only because they send random 5-10 packs out 55 gallon drums full of seeds. All just bagseed garbage.

  4. 420 just subscribed as I was searching cfl grow. Excellent thoughts. I'm using 6400 cfls and a 5000 cob led for veg and 2700 cfl to add when flowering. I'll use all bulbs come flower time. Thanks for the small grow vids.

  5. Just got 4 strains from ILGM, Gorilla Glue, Bubblegum, Jack Harer, and OG Kush. I can wait to see the end results. Might send you and email one day soon! Love hearing you talk, I can hear the comfortability of you in a garden. Well link soon. Keep it growing my man!

  6. Great sponsor bud! You know my first strain was your Killer Cookies! Big learning curve and lots of fun learning. Glad I have more to run again as my gardening skills have improved. I'm gonna be sending you an email soon…✌💚🌱❄🔥🔥

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