My Biggest Cannabis Plant Transplant w/Pigeons420

Special show today my friends. Come with me and listen to me struggle to transplant this girl into a 10 gallon pot. This is pretty much 10 minutes of Pigeons …


  1. I think that going from a 7 to a 10 gallon wasn't worth it… I mean, 5 gallon to a 10 gallon, yeah.. but I feel the size increase between the 7 and 10 gallon wasn't significant enough to merit the stress placed on the plant. What do you think, did it help much and would you do it again?

  2. You think that makes ya break a sweat, try moving a 150 some ought crop, of 6ft tall plants indoors to flower. By meself I might add. Probably over 20 trips in the John deer side by side. I pretty much moved a forest.

  3. Happy delayed birthday πŸŽ‚ man! Love your work and your vibes are one of a kind! We love you over here in Burlington Vermont! Hope your birthday 🍰 was great! Love lizard 🦎 cinnamon

  4. Can you help? I have a plant in coco, it’s a week old in veg in a two gallon pot. I can’t get anyone to tell me how to water. One person told me weekly, then I had a grower tell me they didn’t know what they were talking about. He said once a day. When I transplanted my coco was at 1260 ppms. With a root probiotic added. I was like I have to bring that down. So I did. To 200 ppms. By rinsing in ph based water that was Saturday. Wednesday it was dry. I fed her 300 ppms nutrients about a litre then I gave her 500 more the run off was 840 at the beginning and the end drips were 420. Why does it go so high at first, I understand I am putting in 300 ppms it should be close to that, but not 840? But maybe. Could you explain. And what do I do about feeding. Is this a normal thing with coco does it flux that much? Should I have rinsed the coco first? Did I rinse my probiotics off?

  5. Hey P,
    What's the brand of those pots? I tried to catch the brand label in the video but couldn't catch it? I like those type of pots. I use 5 gallon smart pots but there not like yours. Plus my doesn't have handles and I want handles. Thanks bud.
    Much love to the cannabis community.

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