1. Mine took for ever to start exploding, for the first month and a half it was shortttttttttt, barely an inche between nodes, then once strong enough i moved her outside under the sun.

    Then she exploded. The leaves are the biggest i have ever seen , a deep and dark green . Very healty, very strong.

    Was your slow to start aswell ?

    nice videos btw

  2. I still need to know if yours started out as a slow grower? Mines still under 1 foot at 71 days old, but the leaves are the biggest I've ever seem on a plant. Their the size of dinner plates!

  3. Counted from switching to 12/12, have some small pistils (pre-flowers) showing at 5.5 weeks. They probably could have gone a few days more but oh well. So 56 days of flowering. So really somewhere around 53-55 days. THSeeds says anywhere from 53-57 indoors.

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