Mexico moves to legalise cannabis

Mexico’s senate has voted to legalise cannabis throughout the country. The bill now has to pass through congress, but it has been seen as the first serious …


  1. Legalization won't impact the black market and cartels at all, just look at Canada and other states who've legalized it. And the public health risk and destruction that this caused for all generations, especially the youth, is dire. A strict policy against these decadent drugs is the only reasonable and moral response IMO. The Asian approach. Shame that careless egoists, drug users and liberals has infiltrated in this scene around the world. It'll taint humanity.

  2. Hi Al Jazeera English, why is your journalist recording the video when the alarm is on at 1:14? It was extremely annoying. The journalist should have waited until the alarm was finished or moved to a different location.

  3. Oh, sure, they should go on criminalizing marijuana, they have been doing that for decades now, and it has been working so well, hasn't it? Let's keep doing things that don't work, because that makes sense!

  4. I’m sure. It’s because they’re promoting “arrested development”! Stay stuck in your rut, and do nothing to help your people rise. Can’t get out your problem if you’re excusing and hiding behind it.

    Tribe of Issachar wake up and rise to take back your power!!!

  5. COVID IS NOT FAKE, but the spreading rate is. Even now, we can already see, in statistics, how invariably every other cause of death is reported to have dropped, and if you bother to look into how medical assistence is putting every other medical conidition aside, you'll see how. Other diseases, when not treated after the first symptoms appear, will leave you in a fragile state, after that, even a simple cold can trigger a deadly response( heart and lung failure). Almost every single covid test can become positive for a wide range of virus, which means that even cold or flu cases are being statisticly reported as covid. Do you realize that thousands of people die of these diseases every year? Check out the statistics, how they are being manipulated, and how governments are approving faxist control measures because of it. Stay safe but be minded of the power of a paranoia propaganda( this is a defined terrorist attack, it causes terror to the population).—

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