Mexican Senate approves bill to legalise Marijuana | World News | WION News

Mexico took a step closer to legalising marijuana for recreational and medicinal use on Thursday as the Senate approved a bill aimed at reducing violence …


  1. Why we Indians always follow foreigners. We have been smoking ganja from ancient time. The American said to ban on it in India. We did it. Now America, Europe, Canada, Mexico all are legitimating ganja. We are now crying to do the same. What nonsense. Rubbish. We must be nationalistic in our approach…

  2. Bhaang was used in Indian society extensively without any serious problems,for many millennium. But now it's banned ' following the ban by British and western governments ' , without using brain to know that bhaang was never more harmful than alcohol.

  3. Good News. It's really good medicine for cancer.
    It was tradition of India in Hindu culture to use it but after successive invasion by Islamic world and Christian's on India it get banned.

  4. This is excellent for Mexico to legalize Marijuana and I support it 1000%. Arresting people for marijuana is totally fucking bullshit and war on drugs is a failure to society. Legalize all drugs and end that war on drugs once at for all.

  5. And due to come corrupt politicians it was banned in India,and India suffer billions of loss due to this.
    Shame on america for banning and defamation ng marijauna first and legalising it in its own country.this is cheap act

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