Merry Madeleine Cookie & Sweet Cranberry Pie Reviews

My post-burn reviews of the Merry Madeleine Cookie and Sweet Cherry Pie candles from Bath & Body Work’s “This Just In” collection. Check out the haul video …


  1. I think that it's just fine to return older unburned candles. Eventually when they make it back on the shelf someone will be really excited to find those older gems! I know every SAS I always look for older returns, and have found some real goodies that way! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I took two unburned winter candles back to BBW yesterday and exchanged them for two Sweet Cranberry Pie candles. I was expecting it to smell just like a Blueberry Pie repack, but I really noticed the difference between the two with the tartness like you said — even in the store and through the mask. I’m surprised at how much I like it too. I think ultimately I like Blueberry Pie the most, but this one is really good. And very distinct as cranberry to me too. I’ve ordered the Merry Madeleine Cookie online, but haven’t burned it yet. I couldn’t get a good read on it in the store, which tells me it’s probably on the lighter side per your review. Thanks for sharing!

  3. What a great and in-depth review that we have come to expect from you! I did manage to get in store on Monday but yet to burn, kinda kicking myself as should have gotten more of the Sweet Cranberry Pie. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  4. So random, BUT: I haven’t thought of putting cranberries in my oatmeal cookies!! I’m totally going to do that and thank you for the recommendation.
    It’s been SO GOOD to have more reviews from Bren. You are the best, my fave, and I could listen to you talk about scents and your life (Bren Blogs!!) all day. Big love! ❤️💕👌

  5. On cold the candle are ok but Graham chocolate or whatever is called it was is I don't know not me that it didn't make me want me want to fall off and flip to run and get it not all that so is just maybe me and I really wanted to love it seriously is just on cold smell maybe we will see what happens or just me.

  6. Thanks for these reviews, Bren! I have both of these scents but haven't burned them yet. What I do if I have an older candle I want to exchange is exchange it right before candle day because they sell older candles on candle day…and some people get really excited about finding an older candle they've been searching for….win/win 🙂

  7. Hey love awesome Reviews. In your title you might want to change it from Sweet Cherry Pie to Sweet Cranberry Pie ,Lol. Thanks for sharing and wishing you and your family a lovely Holiday. 👋🥰

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