Meet the 14-Year-Old Who Helped Legalize Medical Marijuana In NY [Documentary]

New York Emmy Award Winning Video in Politics/Government As of this week, New York has became the 23rd state in the US to legalize medical marijuana.


  1. John here, from Chambersburg, PA….. 48yrs old, Private Contractor by trade and a Recovered Heroin Addict since 2007…..Im so blessed….yet, I can't afford medical prices or the card since I lost work and wages since March Covid Lockdown….. I cant afford black market much longer either…..
    Just last week, Drug Task Force raids my home after pinching my cousin for thefts, who is a heavily known actively using addict…. Begs me for 3 freagn days to hook him up with an oz…. Ive BEGGED him to try concentrates….Its what SAVED MY LIFE AND HAS KEPT ME HEROIN-FREE FOR PAST 13 YEARS…..I DID 4.5Yrs in prison as a result of my 2007 arrest. I've been off parole going on 5 years, now. I work harder and I have a home, family , kidz and grandkidz, just like EVERYONE else…..and I am far from what I once was for a short devastating part of my life, when I was first introduced to heroin in 2004. I carry much shame and guilt and paid a dear price with my life….I am far removed from that time in my life, but NEVER forgotten….
    I decided when Covid-19 hit, and with all of the media hyping the event coupled by the riots, i thought NOW might be a good time to learn hydroponics…..i can grow ANYTHING, From lettuce to peas, and other viney veggies as well as cannabis , which if and when the all-mighty dollar FAILS, I just may have something worth its weight in GOLD, to trade and barter with, in times of NEED……I spent 18hrs a day, since March, learning how to propagate, clone, veg and bloom cannabis, I had just mastered the craft as a true ARTISAN able to grow the ABSOLUTE Dankest and most potent flower I have ever had the privilege to taste…..I had absolutely phenomenal phenos of a clone-only Headband strain and my prized Cherry Cookies and Cherry Cookie Silver, that I bred myself…..I had one ready to harvest and one 3 wks from harvest and all others were clones in veg with some new clones and new seedlings of Gelato, and King of Hearts…..i was literally getting ready to sort the males and get my next 2 stongest winners for my next bloom phase………I only had a 3×3 tent for veg and a 4×4 tent for bloom….4 plants maximum, was the most I could grow at any one time…..and they mask up and smash my door in an steal all my plants, all my lights, all my fans and filters and bust all my rigs and bongs in my yard into tiny glass peices for my kidz to walk on…..all becuz I smoke pot….NEED pot…and it is what keeps me SANE
    …. now im facing a 15-30yr sentence, all because i wanted so badly to save a life like it saved mine……
    Im in AWE….and have NEVER felt so betrayed and violated in ALL my years and this whole time, I've never been more proud of myself……..smh, in disbelief…..I am truly feeling hopeless and abandoned as this should have NEVER , EVER been allowed to happen……my history of where I've been and how far ive come, speaks for itself……I know better than TO SELL DRUGS, this time, i beleived I was helpn to save a life and we all know it isn't free… so dissappointed in myself, its beyond shame……
    If anyone knows ANYONE who may be able to help me, I would surely appreciate it…..Thank You for your KINDNESS !
    I beleive that ANY life, is worth saving….
    I can be contacted at

  2. you are a sic and very demented human to choose to have your own live a life like that. the parents should be put down with those poor kids. who wants to live that life? what life….

  3. I cerebral palsy and chronic pain issues I found that CBD oil and hemp oil has helped my muscle spasms pain and overall sense of well-being more than I can describe in this comment. Absolutely we need to take marijuana off the schedule one drug list and make it 50 state legal The pharmaceutical industry is not about healthcare and well-being it’s about profits the more drugs they can get you one and keep you on the more money they make this is why medical marijuana is such a huge threat to the pharmaceutical industry legalize it! Legalize it!

  4. I sorry but I fell like putting a kid through so much pain I fell like they should end his misery he is miserable and he would be more happy in heaven 😔 (please don’t butt hurt me in the comments)

  5. I believe in marijuana it never did any harm in my life. Helps with my pain anger sleep appetite creative thought process. It literary makes life better especially for kids and anyone in Oliver and his Mom's situation. I live in Connecticut and they are trying to switch out benzodiazepines and opiates for medical marijuana depending on your case with your doctors in psychiatrist. Legalize It.

  6. This is neglect and abuse you should be in prison for forcing him to stay alive and and suffer. It's disgusting and should be against the law when children are forced to suffer. Keeping a child or person alive by machines when they should of died years ago is neglect and abuse. They don't have any quality life no one wants to live like this it's torture.

  7. Dam my heart goes out to them! Cannabis should have never been illegal! All from corrupt government! It’s safer than anything that’s legal! Alcohol should be a schedule 1, and cannabis should be completely legal! Disgusting!

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