1. Hey Tenoob!

    There is some familiarity to that issue, but I'd have to dig through some notes. Looking back on the Bubblelicious X5 grow on the growmwedical420 blog, the first week or two the plants do look a little droopy. BUt by week 3 had really bounced back.

    If the plants have hardened off already, you can safely set the lamp 16" – 18" above the canopy, and adjust for necessary coverage.

    Keep us posted as to how it goes!

  2. Many Thanks!
    I've not done the waterfarm, though I have been pondering a few DWC buckets (bubbleponic set-up).

    I figure might as well give my autos the best opportunity for mass next time… What better way than hydro? I am eager to try an organic DWC grow.

  3. It seed #3 of 5 from Nirvana. It is quite popular among a number of patients here, though not really a fav of mine. Plenty potent, though she didn't get that crystal-white trichome coating on the leaves.

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