Medical Marijuana Cultivation 101: part 2 of 2

Patients Without Time, Maui, Hawaii, and Prof. Brian Murphy, ThC, present Medical Marijuana Cultivation videos, seminars and offers assistance to patients …


  1. beautiful plants, where these plants grown during one of the short seasons? im about to start my grow on kauai and im wondering what to expect for a yeild growing during one of the short season

  2. It looks so easy, but I'm guessing it's not just by watching. You people in California have got it made! Thanks for the info, now I'm going to go get started on my ops for some of my personal medical!

  3. @shank4420 Yeah, right now I'm in the northeast part of the USA, and it gets cold around this time of the year, this is my first ever time growing, and I only have the one plant, she is so close to fully budding, the bud sites are getting denser every day, she's only about a foot high, but damn, those are some really dense bud sites.

  4. @jertog yeah but i heard the best tasteing bud comes from natural sunshine(outdoor growing) but it pretty much is what ever you prefere and like you said if the climate alows

  5. @shank4420 Indoor grow ops *CAN* produce a better quality bud, *IF* you know what you're doing and have the time, money, and effort to put into setting up the operation, however, for someone who is using it for personal medicinal use, and has some time to tend to the plants, you can get just as good of a bud, if not better from an outdoor grow op as you'd get from an indoor op. Climate is a big factor too of course, some climates just aren't built to grow anything in…like Siberia 😛

  6. I currently utilize marijuana for schizophrenia and have a small plant that is starting to get denser in the bud sites by the day, I'm worried about the frosts though, seeing as it is October already, and she's just a tiny little thing with some very dense bud sites (I believe she's a White Rhino plant, I grew from germinated seeds and she's the only one that survived past a tiny sproutling, and shows all the qualities of a WR plant that I've seen in pics online so far).I really hope she lives.

  7. one thing all people with GERD need to know…….this is what you need to be ingesting judicially every day….NOT PROTONIX…it causes tumors in the digestive tract after prolonged use.

  8. @shrimpboy944 inside ( well ventilate darked room, humidity between 20 to 40%, temperature around 20C..from 10 to 15 days or strickly depends from the conditions, that's why u have to taste everyday ,after 10 days, to achieve what u want ) for A LOT of good reasons..! cheerz

  9. drying: hanging the whole plant upside down without leaves for 10 days.

    curing: cutting off the buds after the 10 days and putting them in a jar for 1 month minimum, the longer the better… this is for better taste, smell, feel, effect, etc.

  10. You can have all the book smarts you want, but it doesn't mean shhh if you don't have actual experience. STFU jenn1fer, clearly the "narroator" as you called him, knows what he's talking about from experience.

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