1. its not controversial to talk about the opiods! Its a well known issue. but I'll tell u this! id much rather die than go threw WD from opiates!(its all the higalian dialectic! Problem reaction solution only they work it in reverse! This is the truth in every single fkn issue we have in the modern age! its insanity! Im very well educated about these issues.) but i like most chronic pain patients some of us actually really do need NEED THESE OPIATE MEDS! Sadly the opiods are even more addictive than the natural opium if i had the choice of smoking opium or do heroin I'd pick the opium every time! its WD are there but mucj less severe! Especially compared to the shit they use to get u off.it! Whixh is way worse 90 day WD over 3t5 maybe max.of 7 days n that's from heroin! Which morphines the exact same compound! Just pharmaceutical greater quality purity regulated etc. the problem is never ever ever eve ever ever going away with the just say no approach & to those who have both chronic pain and who have been on the opiates for over a decade! or 20yrs WILL NEVER GET OFF IT WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO NO MATTER HOW MUCH THC THEY GET! ITS NEVER. GOING TO RELEASE US FROM THE ADDICTION! IT GETS DEEP INTO UR BONES! THEY FEEL LIKE THEY'RE ON FIRE! so if my choice was die from an over dose or get clean I'd rather die! literally would much rather die then kick it go through 90+ days of WD its not going to happen no matter how much weed i have. but the medical weed does go a long way to work with the opiod meds that are losing effectiveness cannabis helps a lot to restore its effects they synergize with no down side. even if i went back a decade I'd still end up in the same place by age 30 on opiate pain killers and this rhetoric about it being demonized is not doing those of us on it any favors! Ya maybe good foe those w/o severe chronic pain and yeah definitely for those who meed it short term the mmj is the better option for short term but not chronic pain! we have another lot of issues that are under lying about it from everything food to air& water beinf polluted with psyc meds and heavy metals for climate change BS! & more which in turn cause more ppl to be sixk n the already sick to get worse! never better! smh feels like an uphill battle and the world has a stigma on these meds which are the only thing that actually works NSAIDS are useless weed can only go so far! and even opiates as well! But i digress i would rather die than give up the only thing that helps my pain i live at a bassline of a 7 on the pain scale maybe a 6 on a good day n when injured i spike up to am 11 I've also a very high tolerance for pain! But also cuz of the nature of these meds a high tolerance which was artificially increased via suboxone to keep ppl from going n getting a full agonsit on the street they made sure its not affordable to do both as if that helps ne thing at all it does not! This affects me directly so I'm very passionate about both! We need to just fuckin legalize it all who gives a damn if so n so wishes of their own free will to go do heroin or crack or meth etc till they die so be it that's their own adult decision! Their body their choice! Who tf are we to claim any moral high ground that this drugs bad n this is good when the science contradict the law u know shits fucked!we should realize prohibition never works never has never will! so ffs already lets take the portugal approach and legalize it treat it as an illness mot a crime! anyway I'm out i could go on all day making great arguments for this! But I've no time excuse typose I'm workin with a shattered glass screen

  2. OKI was kicked out window by my boyfriend at that Tim in 1996 I have great Dortor s " Dr.Deorio was on he and others at the ortho pedics institute put pin,rods repiase my knee cap and sense in kick me I nthe head I lost teeth and have tmj.ok I worked till2014 I walk with hump and shocks so no one would hire me ,I got job cleaning bar when closed for 3 years but it was hard so to help AI went a doctor he could believe I was doing this but I had no choose so he practice me that me manage but as they wore off I take more sons up it to long acting and I didn't take as much ,I've been called in for court and past ,had piss these and past and now the sat DEA can come to my house and don't ,I have MRI s ,carcase,Xrays and my Joan are bridle on my blood soon it sat14 my acls starch but sense SSI and madicaid 2016 I've been food Doctor and they say your to far gone for my help I've been 2 the orthopedic 2 time he ask me why I was there and said the break just from stand and mess step and I can bead my knees he you Primary Doctor said nothing about this .I'll in pain all the time and what relief I get let me let the dogs out and in several time a day and feed my son ,li!e house work with Irma came through I threw a lot away just duct Chaucer's lol . now I my get a call about my father saying be was a bad born in1919 ,I never know but this man wrote a letter ,called me and said he did a very bad this ng so now j scare to go out my home . I doctor was helping g me my ins.stop paying for himand gave o e SPLA nation what ever .Dr Ernest Misheal ,did not want help me. So what do I do

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