1. WHAT?!!! THAT'S SO WEIRD I WAS ABOUT TO POST THE SAME THING!!!! I was watching this and was thinking, "Hmm…this looks a lot like chronic Lyme…" Especially if his speech is being affected. I wonder how long both of them have had these symptoms. I think if the son has had this pain since he was born, they both may have Lyme and the son might have been infected congenitally. If so, I hope they find out and take care of it. I'm glad they are finding some relief with cannabis!

  2. I wonder if this family actually has chronic lyme disease beacuse alot of people get misdiagnosed with it when they actually have chronic lyme. NJ needs to open dispensaries for people who are really sick and there needs to be all different forms available of cannabis, Hash,oil,edibles,differnt strains etc..

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