1. Hey man. You spoke at my school today (North Huron School). Your program is unlike any program students see. Most of the time when people speak at our school people laugh the whole presentation off and make fun of it. But yours was different. Everyone was talking about your program is a serious way. Sharing your story,despite how difficult it has been thus far really helps us understand the affects that drug abuse has on you,especially from since you have experienced it first hand. Great documentary.

  2. Marijuana is an addictive substance. Full stop!
    Being as an addicted person to marijuana, stopping the intake causes anxiety, paranoia, agressions, bipolar and suicidal thoughts.
    Also, Marijuana makes a chemical reaction in the brain causing shizofrenia.

    You can take and smoke marijuana for all excuses you say and want, but don't hide the reality.
    It's an addictive substance turning you a Marijuana's slave.

  3. Excellent journalism  on the TRUTHING of the carcass of beloved Colorado from Green Coma agenda-the next Big Pharma (hundreds of chemicals, tars FUKUSHIMA radiation on everything !  Mutagens, Carcinogens,  pesticides, insecticides , GMO fungicides, fertilizers, growth hormones, etc.  I am for MEDICINAL  options  CDB  with  very credible  health provider with standards/ testing" dosing. Many growers  are greedy & ruin ecosystem / ground water, etc.  for fast profit.  John Boehner suddenly wants his "evolved" stance to de-schedule this Class 1 drug (70-80 % THC !)  and make it Class 2 ; and  to do " research  " (watch USA  implode by these "test" states) Edibles , vape , topical and tampons-All to get normalized as totally "safe"  then later  addicted, lower IQ, and crash  into homeless ones per this film.  Sad. The gov. will step in, tobacco, or Pharm for profit. Vets will be exploited , gun grab, mass medication as called WRECKreational . So who needs a scary Jade Helm, martial law, Agenda 21 to flood anytown USA? Just keep toking/ bonging  &  vaccinating, geo-E spray , 5G , GMO,  glyphosate, fluoride , UVA & B zap us, etc. There is NO safe standard for driving while impaired like with alcohol. This is no longer a "natural? herb. Even indoor grow a challenge for PURITY.  Heavy metals are nano- particulates -it's EVERYWHERE. No tests to measure ingredients of this size. We are facing massive issues and need AWAKE and ALERT masses, not loaded & high.

  4. Hi. Thanks so much for sharing this fabulous new and very revealing video. This is a message we need to hear. There is just so much about the industrial cannabis scam that is not being circulated widely. Cannabis is almost certainly genotoxic and may well be closely tied up with, if not integral to, rising rates of babies born with severe congenital abnormalities in many regions, places, localities and nations – and no one is getting a grip. The Environmental Protection Agency of California in a lengthy report in 2009 found that cannabis is a known carcinogen. Hence it necessarily follows that cannabis is also a mutagen and teratogen. And the American Heart Association and American Academy of Paediatrics fround in 2007 that cannabis was associated with congenital heart diseases…. Which of course is all the good news… The truth is that with the new forms of potent and concentrated cannabis which is around now – these effects are likely greatly magnified, as cannabis genotoxicity has a threshold effect beyond which these major effects cut in big time. And the epigenetic genotoxic effects reverberate for at least three to four generations according to Science! This important video is a key part of shattering the cone of silence around this modern taboo "holy cow" subject and getting people the think rationally about some very major issues – whilst we still can… unless of course we choose to wilfully subject ourselves, our children and the next four generations to the seduction of the deep green coma…..

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