Marijuana won in every state it was on the ballot—Here's what it means

Voters in four states on Tuesday approved measures to legalize and tax recreational marijuana for adults. Arizona, Montana, New Jersey and South Dakota …


  1. Drug testing somehow is still legal. We live in these states that are legal but can't consume because our employers feel like what we consume on our free time is their business.

  2. MARIJUANA should be FEDERALLY LEGAL IN ALL states. One Nation under God and GOD created MARIJUANA. Seeded plants have been in existence since the beginning of time, in Genesis chapter One.

    "Let no man take away the blessings that God has provided for you ". ~Jesus (who used KANEH BOSM – Hebrew for Cannabis, as a method of healing and anointing his people). Pot smoking Jesus Christ used Cannabis. And that's GOOD enough for me!! AMEN to that. 😇💨

  3. -Lost American value –>Biden , Democratic Party , CNN ,Fox News, the Washington Post, New York Times, Politico, CBS, ABC, NBC,yahoo news,Twitter, FB……


    Biggest winner –>CCP


    Not a loser–>Donald Trump

    Creator–>Donald Trump–>Make America Great Again!


    God bless America!

  4. Marijuana helps us stop China and china aresting us citizens on American soil and be careful with going abroad and getting arrested by Chinese government around the world and i believe they might be setting up to assault the United states of America interests ESPECIALLY legalization of marijuana in California and America

  5. The problem with legal weed is there is never enough, you are always running back to the depensary when your out and it is very expensive, people will soon develop a all day habit, before you know it, it becomes major expensive that wasn't added onto your budget, and you find yourself falling of a cliff to eventual eviction, because Marijuana has become as life sustaing as water. Middle Class was fun until proverty hits .

  6. Very informative video… So I take it and agree every state and country that has legalized drugs had no overdoses no DUIs no dumb s*** no nothing that increased and the government made money in lower taxes for everyone AKA common sense scientific research was a win-win for everybody

  7. Now Instead of being Dumbed Down, Everyone Will Be High Dumbed Down!!! Works More In Their Favor!! I Knew This Was Coming Sooner Or Later. I Prefer To Be SOBER MINDED!!! 😉😉😉👀👀👀👍👍👍

  8. If they legalize all drugs you will stop all wars on people who use drugs. Crime goes down, eliminate cartels in mexico, reduce prison population and huge tax intake to help build schools and hospitals and parks.

  9. The reality? Like prescriptions, being advertised on television, making you yourself the doctor and your doctor the drug dealer…Like alcohol…the historical cure all elixir…have a drink if : your sad, if your angry, to celebrate, if your disappointed, if your tired, etc., But beware of the side affects such as: unwanted marriages, unwanted pregnancies, unwanted divorces, unwanted murders, suicides, manslaughters, etc…cannabis…is probably safer…if every car behind you, with a luggage rack is a cop, people will always say I've had enough where Alcohol they drink to death…Ironic?

  10. I'm all for legalizing weed, and its products. I'm just glad Oregon is far far away from me. I want no part of that trainwreck coming down the track. NOw, to get employers on the same track, because where I live, you can legalize, but still lose your job in some companies due to workplace policies. Now those laws should be updated as well.

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