‘Marijuana Moms’ Claim Pot Makes Them Better Parents | TODAY

According to the CDC, more and more parents are using marijuana. NBC News special anchor Maria Shriver visits with one group of moms who smoke pot …


  1. I had parents who both smoked weed and I wished they never did. Waste of money and time. I wouldn't want my kids around people who smoke either. I understand what the mom is saying; I have smoked to, but my perspective is from when I was a child around potheads and as an adult. You would be a better parent with a clear head. If you feel stressed around your kids then maybe you shouldn't have had them; kids are a lot to handle. Your all bad moms.

  2. The reporter said "when I was young we would drink alcohol, maybe a vicoden to take the edge off". I can maybe understand saying MJ is worse than alcohol, but hydrocodone is OBJECTIVELY 100% worse.

  3. I quit weed when I found out I was pregnant but I guarantee I’d be a better mom if I could enjoy cannabis in small amounts but my state is very strict and I could get my baby taken away soo I can’t even use a little bit.

  4. It's better than taking pills I have chronic back pain and tendonitis in both my elbows I rather smoke weed then take pills. I noticed when I take a pain pill I can't take care of my son but when I smoke weed I can!

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  6. you can benefit from smoking weed and these are prime examples there is literal proof in the video but they still try and deny it but when theirs an alcoholic parent no one really says anything or cares what is that logic

  7. "In 8 states, it's still banned"
    That's a weird way to say that in 42 states, it has been legalized or decriminalized to some degree

    Also: "In my day, moms drank and took Vicodin to take the edge off"
    How is that any better?

  8. “that you’re smoking something to…cope with pain, that sends a message to our children.” Wow. Way to show off the fact that you have nooooo idea what chronic pain is like OR that not being in pain makes functioning not just easier, but POSSIBLE. Awesome job considering what’s coming out of your mouth on live TV, lmao

  9. It's a God-send for anxiety, I can focus on my child more because I can "slow down" and worry less. It has enabled be to be in the moment with my child, enjoy him to the fullest. Instead of worries about the future stealing these moments from me… It has also nearly cured me of my social anxiety…When I began medicating, I was finally able to see that everyone does and says dumb things and are still accepted. I feared speaking because of sounding dumb ect. I realized I didn't have to feel so insecure about myself, I've definitely gain a great degree of overall confidence (which is now there permanently, not only when I medicate) and a widened perspective on life. I'm very thankful.

  10. I suffer from adhd and I take 60 mg of Vyvanse (morning) & 250 mg of Lyrica (bedtime) daily to treat my concentration problems and fail to understand how marijuana can possibly give a spruce of energy and make you clean the house & do laundry (as that attractive mom said).
    I take Lyrica at bedtime to counteract the rebound effect caused by the Vyvanse I take in the morning but if I didn't take Lyrica I would probably be smoking a joint every night before going to bed!

  11. Unfortunately I was that 1 in 10 of cannabis users that became addicted to it. Happy to say that i am rapidly approaching 2 months weed/dab FREE. I feel great! The worst thing about an addiction is your self-esteem when you realize you are dependent on your drug of choice.

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