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  2. So as I was saying, Everything about legalization is cool on my end, except stoned driving. Some people say weed makes them "sharper" I say it makes them "calmer" therefore allowing them to concentrate better. THATS just a conclusion, not really anything too scientific backing this up other then experience with weed.
    I used to get stoned too much, now I look at weed more medically.
    Helps eyes maybe, cancer, aches, pain, etc, even just anxiety indeed.
    So yeah, you could say ive cut way down on the constant weed consumption.
    However I do feel that if people want to take weed WITHOUT a medical card as a sort of OFF THE BOOKS "NON FDC REGULATED" form of medical herb, by all means, use it wisely, trying not to abuse it to the point of counter-medicine (burning out, too much smoke, hurting your wallet etc etc)
    I dunno… this is very raw… you'd need to really do some research on your end to find out if a little THC or CBD could benefit you! =)

  3. This is great and all, just don't allow stoned driving please and thank you. Inexperienced stoners… driving? Come on! Weed can make you tap the breaks too fast, or have unnoticeable to the naked eye reaction timing effects.
    There should be a sort of high drivers test like a drunk drivers test
    Other then that, you get home from work, wanna smoke a joint (or take a weed cookie if you don't really wanna inhale smoke, fine by me.)
    Sitting on your porch, at your PC? Fine by me.
    All good except in the car… think about it next time you wanna smoke behind the wheel. k?

  4. This isn't going to happen, its going to have to come to vote in 2016. Charlie Baker (the gov) already said that he doesn't want legal pot in MA "because of the children". 

    Yeah, fuck Charlie Baker. 

  5. Hey Dave, in my home state of Ohio there are a group of millionaires financially backing ResponsibleOhio which would create a monopoly of the cultivation of marijuana. Under their proposed amendment, ALL legal marijuana – both recreational and medical – must be grown on 10 industrial farming locations which have already been purchased by the major investors. A de facto drug cartel codified into the Ohio constitution cannot be tolerated. Please help us Obi-Wan, you are our only hope.

  6. I hate to play Devil's Advocate (in this instance, normally I love it), but isn't Colorado currently trying to remove Social Studies and Science from the classrooms?  Don't you think it's only a matter of time before Republicans draw an imaginary line between that and pot legalization in that state?  Sure, it's the first thing Reds want to get rid of after history, but that hasn't stopped them from being hypocrites before.

  7. Nowdays, practically everywhere I go I smell some really strong weed. Yesterday, I was at the park and there was a strong, lingering weed smell for a good 200 foot patch. I didn't see anyone dropping dead upon walking into the affected area. The only problem is that even if it's legal people are still getting fired at work and not hired at job because of trace Marijuana levels in drug tests.

  8. I never, ever thought I'd say this, but hell, I might think about moving to the US. Of course then there's that stupid thing called religion that would be pestering the shit out of me all the time. Then again, being stoned 24/7 might help !     

  9. Dammit, I want Missouri to legalize pot. Once that happens, even a governor as stupid as Sam Brownback wouldn't be able to ignore the cash the state of Kansas would make and Kansas would legalize it. Colorado is far past the empty parts of the state, so Gov Dumbshit and the legislature will continue to ignore it. If Missouri legalizes it, then all the people in the populated part of the state will cross over the state line in droves and Kansas will have to notice what is happening. Come on Missouri, stop dragging your feet!

  10. I've seen a few good David Parkman coverages that were okay. I think this guy is an absolute joke. Regardless of what he says, I support the legalization of pot. I've smoked Marijuana before but I'm not a habitual user by any circumstances. Make life easier for law enforcement and the government and legalize it nationwide.

  11. It's going to pass if it comes up for a vote.
    Not a lot of people outside the state may know this, but before other states made it outright legal to possess it for recreational purposes, Massachusetts decriminalized owning small amounts of marijuana.  In fact, as my memory serves, the vote came up about the same time Deval Patrick was elected governor, so it's been in place a while.  As I understand it, the worst that can happen if you're caught with marijuana below the threshold amount is something like a $100 fine, which almost no cop wanted to be bothered with doing.
    Seeing as it's been in place for this long, and the state hasn't fallen into anarchy, this thing is going to pass, and it would simply make it cheaper, safer, and easier to obtain something that's already more or less legal to possess, and the near meaningless fines would be removed as well, wins all around.  The only people I'd see opposing it would be the Narcs and the older people who bought into the whole 'reefer madness' propaganda, but if they weren't enough to block the decriminalization measure, they sure as hell aren't going to be strong enough to block it's legalization.
    And to be honest, we need the money, because otherwise our great grandchildren are still going to be paying the interest on the Big Dig loans on that project that was completed a decade ago.  Our infrastructure costs are a massive financial black hole that marijuana funds could probably fill and then some.

  12. Let's see how the conservatives get in the way by blocking this progressive action. Just how they blocked the progressive actions of slavery, segregation, equal rights of all races and gender and religions

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