1. that looks like clones from a re veged mother those single distorted leaf and stalk shoulnd be cut right back during re vege and take cutting from normal look branches with proper leaf

  2. Another thing you forgot to mention is when a plants starts to herm or produce seed it slows or even stops thc production due to the plants using all the energy to produce seeds but fem sseeds sound like a win to me

  3. your hermaphrodites will produce 100% female seeds leave the hermies label them and use the seeds for future harvest this will save you alot of time since you already fucked this harvest up. better luck next time cheers. check out my vids i will be keeping up with weekly updates.

  4. I feel for ya after spending all that time on that grow and your getting a yield and quality like that. It can be discouraging. Don't give up tho. Get some more indicas and do it big.

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