1. Dude!!! Thank you so much for replying in video and I feel more confident than ever in going the full 90 days before I make the decision to pick up again. I'm from Texas but currently living in Canada where they recently legalized cannabis and i must say it is wonderful! For me it has to be about self control and moderation but I truly feel cannabis is a sacred gift for us and can be coupled with semen retention when used respectfully! You have given me the motivation to move forward in my journey and I truly appreciate you. On to 90 days!!! Excuse me while I touch the sky!!! ✌ thanks brother!!

  2. Thanks for this video man. I quit cannabis like 90 days ago and started semen retention around 70 ish days ago. This combination is perfect. I dont even want to smoke weed anymore. All those old habits are gone now. Living live super sober and living of my semen energy haha.

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