1. Totally amateur !
    You did everything wrong, dude !
    This BHO should be contaminated with Butane (where is the vacuum pump to extract 100% of the butane from the oil ???)
    Besides, you don't know even how to collect the final material (using a lighter to do that its a waste of THC, imho).
    Use a teflon bowl or baking paper to pour the BHO in before it get dry…
    At least, you didn't exploded your home when you guys were doing this stupid and really amateur video..
    And, accept my advice: Delete this crap from youtube asap !

  2. I wouldn't call this video "Making Cannabis Oil" because cannabis oil is a thick, edible paste which is used to treat a plethora of serious ailments. This video shows how to make butane hash oil (BHO), which is ultimately vaporized, not ingested. Furthermore, BHO can be used to treat some symptoms of various conditions, but I wouldn't recommend it as a method of treating cancer or other serious conditions.

  3. do you have to change the filter after every time you use the extractor? with how many filters does the extractor come with? do you have to buy another extractor if you wish to make more than one batch?

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