Mainlining/Manifolding – Marijuana Training Techniques

Learn weed mainlining/manifolding for your marijuana plants. Learn the high-stress training technique of mainlining/manifolding in this mainlining weed tutorial.


  1. Still super sketch about doing this, this year will be my first grow so I think I’ll maybe let this one grow as it will just to make sure I can grow a plant to harvest. It’s an outdoor grow in the high desert so it’s a new environment for me also

  2. So if I scrog, is it ok to spred canopy from veg thru stretch and then let it grow? Or will I need the second net? Is it still efficient to keep to one net until growth is done if I have the room and light spred? And finally, how high should my one net be in that one net sinerio if the room is a 9 × 7 6 plants?

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