LOOT Premium CBD Flower & testing the NEW Mouthpeace Mini (Shmoke with me!)

Disclaimer: Cannabis is legal for medicinal & recreational use for adults 21+ in my state of Michigan. I am an adult 21+ and this is in no way promoting the sale …


  1. I just want to say thank you for doing your channel it showed me so much and now I'm hooked on cbd….I love watching you I connect with you on so many levels.it def helps with anxiety and I love crappys chewable they give me so much energy. Well thank you for being you.

  2. I failed a mouth swab for amphetamine I had a fit I don't use meth it was a dabble syringe I was putting in capsules and swallowing turns out something in it comes up as amphetamine not urine or hair just mouth swab wtf I almost lost everything be careful people this stuff is so new never know what it comes up as

  3. YOU have changed my life!!!! I ordered the 10 pack of pre-rolls. The Lifter strain eased my pain and lifted my depression in 1/3 of the joint smoked!!!! Ive also purchased fade fighter from Crappy's !!! Fade fighter and Lifter has made the biggest difference( in less than 30mins )in my life than prescriptions and doctors could in the past 20 years!!! Ty ty ty!!! God Bless you!!! Know that u and your videos have truly made difference!!!!!!!!! I am forever grateful !!!! XOXO

  4. WOW! I’ve heard so many amazing things about White Whale! You have to let me know how that works!! I need to order that one immediately!! Thanks so much for sharing!! Luv ya ! 💗 EDIT, had to pause the video and order White Whale!!( I ordered the mini mouthpiece last week, can’t wait to try it!!)

  5. I personally don't smoke, however I love the smell….(my daughter actually wants me to start smoking for my health, which I do have some health issues such as chronic pain and anxiety to name a couple). You really don't blow much smoke? Why is that?b Also, do you get hiigh from CBD??

  6. I know you don't get high from CBD, but from my research I've been hearing of sort of like a "body high". I want to start smoking CBD for Endo pain relief but I am a health care worker. I know the risk of possibly testing positive on a drug test and I know that I will never use any kind of possible altering type of thing while I'm on the job obviously, but I'm wondering how long that body high type feeling lasts. Like if I smoke at night, will I be good to go the next morning?

  7. I’m literally holding my breath for *I can’t remember title or name * gets in and legalizes!! I still need to find a good CBD store but I don’t know many people who would know of the legit ones in Indiana! PS teenage me to now loves the smell! My neighbors use to smoke once in while before their grandkids moved on and ohhh I miss it. I need it legalized!also where do you get what’s at the end? Sorry ms brain 🙈

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