LIVE: How to Automate & Streamline the Grow Process (TAKE 2)

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  1. Hey Rob bro. Although it’s maybe not for beginner growers and can be a controversial topic but if you dig a little deeper there’s actually many many growers crushing it hard with organic soil and synthetic(salt) inputs. Many! It’s a fine balance but I’m using this tech in my room at the moment and these are some of my best results ever! On Instagram, lovin_in_her_eyes uses organics and synthetics and she has some of the best flowers I’ve ever seen. Please also feel free to check my page out too if you need to see a rookie doing alright with this style. Peace brother 🤜🏼🤛🏼

  2. How can no one kno yr strain,,,you talk abt it every show,,,ive heard good things abt headbanger,,,wat are the terpz on h/b…iv got wi fi waiting,,,wats wi fi like to grow,,,any pro tips for me lads,,,want go back to skywalker,,,pheno very strong,and it tastes unreal,,,really juicy berries,,nugs not best lookin,get some fox tails on this genetics,,,but got say skywalker is very hard to beat for me,,,got it all am lookin for…TOP,TOP STRAIN…feel the force from u.k growmie,,,💪💪💪👍💣💥💯💚

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