LIVE EXAMPLE: How I created a weight loss plan THAT WORKS (using therapy techniques) | PART 1

In PART 1 of this video you will learn how to create a weight loss plan, specifically how to create a meal plan for weight loss and how to create a workout plan for …


  1. You and your brother are adorable! I’m so terrible with plans. I always try and nooo. Like I’ve stuck to keto for a long time but I’m terrible at even regularly logging on My Fitness Pal. Thank you!

  2. Scrolling through to see how many people comment on how cute/handsome your brother is πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜† I hope he gets to read all of them. I think it’s really cool that you created this plan for yourself and shared it.

  3. This was a really great video – your brother seems like a really nice guy. I was struck by how reluctant he was to talk about his mental health, something which is so typical of young men. Perhaps it was just not wanting to share things with the internet, but I found it really interesting – I've had so many male friends clam up around the subject of mental health. Not a criticism at all, just a general observation. Good luck to your bro on his weight loss journey! Hoping to see more chicken vibes and less milkshake vibes in his future!

  4. First of all: is that a Hufflepuff shirt? <3
    Seconds of all: Daaaang someone should congratulate your brother on his face, he is really handsome!
    And Last: I always love how I watch your videos and get new tools to help me with my own weightloss. You are so awesome <3

  5. It sounds like yout bro will like crossfit
    You never know what your work out is going to be that day. It's modifiable. And they have built in competition. Some work out is partnered you go i go. Or time. And the community is awesome. Im not going in my gym now bc of covid.

    So im doing the c25k. The program is different each day. So its not the same. Now that I completed the program I dont enjoy long run so I pick a day and just run that one. I did the nhs one.
    Nike run club also has program if u have your own music

  6. You guys have such kind eyes! 😍 (Weird thing to say, sorry)

    This video has helped me a lot!!! Because, even when I listen to your informational video very carefully having the tips step by step are quite USEFUL!

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