Legalization of marijuana

Deck used: Four Twenty Tarot How I read reversed cards: I follow my intuition. Sometimes that does add a nuance to the card but for the most part, being …


  1. As a recently retired nurse, I definitely know the needs for medical uses, but also as a retired nurse I've seen it destroy people and families. Car crashes can occur from any form of impairment, especially when mixed with alcohol or other drugs. And can create additional mental issues especially for those with mental health issues. But individual states must figure what laws are best

  2. I wish Virginia would hurry up and legalize it. We don't even have medical here yet. I would love to be able to go buy some herb at a store to help me sleep and relax. I know people who live in legal states and it has helped them so much.

  3. TY Dana✌😄👍 u read my mind 😳😁 wish all states would legalize it soon🌠 especially Texas🙏 Gotta get rid of all these fossil 💀Reps stuck in the past 😩
    so we can move forward into the future

  4. II don't use it and I seldom drink. I don't like the feeling. But I feel like smoking weed is less dangerous for by standers because people drink and drive where as they smoke and stay home and order pizza, lol. I think if it was legal to grow it then it would become weaker again and that would be a good thing.

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