Law, Social Justice, Wokeness and the Protests: Where Do We Go from Here? [2020 NLC Live]

Historically, the rule of law and the concept of justice it represents supply two key roots of the American experiment. Some think the ideology underlying many of …


  1. I am still surprised at the fact that most people didn't see Trump coming. I knew a strong-arm leader was on the horizon after the heavy-handed way Obama was elected for his second term. At this point, it became obvious to me that half the country was being censored in the popular media and were increasingly forced to segregate themselves to a particularly small corner of the culture in order to have a voice. The moment a large section of the population is silenced animosity begins to build. We must always keep the conversation open and fair regardless of personal ideology.

  2. Well, I'm appalled at the psuedo-intellectualism coming out of Harvard; rhetoric is in no way a substitute for critical thinking and honest analysis.
    It's no wonder that western civilization is seemingly staggering towards an abyss.

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