Kevin Jodrey Teaches The Art and Science of Cannabis Cultivation / Ganjier

Kevin Jodrey, the renowned breeder and cultivator who brings over 30 years of experience uncovering, unlocking, and curating the exquisite qualities, traits and …


  1. soil classes and now a ganjier course, going to be a great winter, mize your harvest people maybe a very long winter. but please share what you can, hard times know no boundaries.stay safe and take care

  2. Mr Jodrey is one Special Motha Fka!!! I love His teachings and his ideals, his wisdom is soo fuckin deeply entrenched in what is the utmost Soul of the Cannabis Grower.
    It’s like he invented it, that’s how I feel he knows it so well!!! A real true legend and someone I admire, look up, and try to emulate !!!!!!!!!

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