Kacey Morrissey: After Biden Win, Don’t Expect Cannabis Legalization

This interview was filmed on November 5, 2020. Even though a Joe Biden presidency offers a rosier outlook for the US cannabis industry, a leading data expert …


  1. I think the states will legalize. It all comes down to $$$$$. The states are cash starved and MJ legalization could bring in a lot of tax revenue. Not quite sure about Biden, however I think Harris mentioned federal legislation. Thanks for the video.

  2. AHHH…. hate to tell ya but Lyin Biden DIDN’T WIN as DEMs and RINOs stepped right into the trap set for them…. cuz they were never that bright! The fact that you are even representing Biden as President is A JOKE! You best check ur local lying MSM FAKE NEWS channel as Trump was just awarded N Carolina! See ya there are better channels out there i am OUT!

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