1. I watched his book presentation at a college and he sounded kinda ignorant and he also just goes off for example "weed makes u high and when u get high on cannabis u also wanna get high on other things so it's a gateway drug" like what where's ur evidence or facts I'm sorry but I dont feel like main lining heroin after I smoke a blunt

  2. The problem with marijuana awareness, was the war on drugs, and how it neglected beneficial research of positive medicinal properties over the last half decade… I understand both arguements, but because of how it was portrayed as a negative intoxicant, that's why so many people are on the wall about it. We just need more funding, time and research on how we can make it 1000% more beneficial for the right people. I personally use marijuana as a pain killer/ anti inflammatory because of the side affects that's caused me from using prescribed anti inflames in the past, that now give me stomach ulcers and intestine pains.

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