1. Jocko, I love your advice and I listen to your podcasts a lot. I wonder how I could implement your advice as a primary teacher. How did you do it with your kids? You can not really let them run on decentralized command and expect them to make stuff happen by xday at xhours.

  2. Unfortunately my tendinitis is a problem that exercise doesn’t improve. I’m on a steroid shot and zero strenuous activity for my left arm. Hope this shot works. I NEED MY WEIGHTS BACK! 😫

  3. Default agressive. EMT doing chest compressions CPR having the sternum touch the pts spine. going at a rate of 200 compressions a minute. let the chest recoil. only go 2inches….he responds 2 words Default agressive
    no patient's were hurt in the making of this joke

  4. At a party the other night I overheard some young unmotivated men who yearned for more sharing scary stories around the firepit 🔥 This is what I heard but I can't claim what is factual & what isn't, only what I overheard…

    The man simply known as Jocko came about when a highly classified & compartmentalized DoD black project located in an unspecified deep underground facility genetically spliced Chuck Norris, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Lee, Clint Eastwood & Guile from Street Fighter.

    Jocko's day of birth came when HE decided after meticulous planning it was time to exfil. Through patience, stealth & decisive action they believe he made it up to ground level unnoticed. At 0320 a single cam caught just a glimpse of him using his own umbilical cord to scale the facility's exterior wall. A grainy image taken off the video shocked investigators as it appeared he used the L-sit method… This is still hotly debated to this day as surely he would have utilized the brake & squat technique.

    Regardless not a single guard spotted him that night although hours later one did find a note in his cargo pocket. Investigators are still unsure how it got there completely unnoticed as the guard's cargo pocket was velcro fastened. The note simply read "See you in 20 years."

    Jocko kept his promise.

    Keep up the great work Jocko. You sharing your stories & philosophy has helped me rediscover my motivation in life by delivering a clear voice in the darkness I had lost myself in for a bit. I doubt I'm alone on this & on behalf of any others thx for the much needed kick in the ass in the right direction🤙

  5. Behold the oddessy of time. The hours transform into a moment that defines an age. The weight of the future is the past and by the present it is belayed. When the present circumstance becomes unbearable, our past will come crashing down destroying our future.-DW

  6. Some interesting discussion on Gen. Clark's ideas on physical fitness. Another thing to consider is the level of phys fitness for young men at the tail end of the great depression. The population in general was malnourished and iron deficient. We had to build fitness gradually, along with getting these guys 3 squares a day.

  7. So, I have been listening for sometime. I have often wondered the exact relationship of you and EC. But, let me say, I had a friend for a long time that i ended being subordinate to. He would continue to poke in public and take shots that I was unable to respond to due to the new status…dude, you rip EC in every breath. If you value what people think of you as a leader, you should lighten up. I’m sure EC will say it’s fine, but I can tell you, it’s not. Besides that, I drink in every word of your wisdom. My son is stationed in Coronado and lives about a mile from your gym. Wish he would go partake. I tried…friggin COVID.

  8. “Most people don’t need to be fired they need to be lead” – jocko
    “A good manager doesn’t fire people. He hires people and inspires people” – Michael Scott
    The greats

  9. PLANdemic!!!!! 🇨🇳💉☠️🇨🇳💉☠️🇨🇳💉☠️🇨🇳💉☠️🇨🇳💉☠️🇨🇳💉☠️🇨🇳💉☠️🇨🇳💉☠️🇨🇳💉☠️🇨🇳💉☠️🇨🇳💉☠️🇨🇳💉☠️🇨🇳💉☠️

  10. Hey Jocko, Just found out that you and I are from Torrington Conn. I'm 2 years older than you and served in the Marine Corps. I lived in workman ave and east pearl street. Went to Sacred Heart School. I now live in Florida. Semper Fidelis

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