Is Garden of Life CBD REAL? LAB TESTS and review.

Garden of Life CBD review. Plus I sent 2 products to 2 labs to see if they’re real CBD. I have no affiliation with this company and I paid the lab directly.


  1. I bought this after I stopped ordering hempworx because I didn't want to wait for shipping anymore so I picked this up at a vitamin store and now I will take it after seeing this awesome review. Thank you!

  2. What this dude is doing opened my eyes. There are many CBD review channels on you tube. This is the ONLY legitimate one. Some have slick videos, however, none do real tests and have no relationship whatsoever with the companies they are reporting on. I hope he keeps this going, because CBD Examine is our only real source of information on CBD!

  3. Another Great video can you please do one on House of Healing hemp and one on Oxzgen cbd I'm very interested in the results Oxzgen is getting really popular now.. Great job again

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