Is CBD Oil Legal as a Supplement? | The Truth on CBD Supplements?

Is CBD Oil Legal In Dietary Supplements? Bruce Kneller joins Mike at PricePlow for a day of supplement talk, and the question over whether CBD Oil is legal AS …


  1. There is so much going on with the FDA and supplements of all sorts lately especially if they compete with a pharmaceutical. It does not matter if they are 1994 DSHEA compliant because IF PEOPLE AND VENDORS ARE MAKING CLAIMS THE PRODUCT TREATS OR CURES A DISEASE IN THE FDA's EYES IT IS A DRUG AND MEDICATION! ACCORDING TO THEM IT MUST THEN BE SCHEDULED AS ONE. I was talking to a rep at a local health food store and he was worried about even essential oils. As crazy as it sounds. Why because people are making claims they help treat or heal a condition or disease. Which according to the FDA only a scheduled medication can do. CBD, kratom, oils, and plenty other natural products will come under fire from the FDA because they work! Plain and simple. They help many people to live a better quality of life. I have seen it first hand. It is a battle between our freedom and big pharma and it seems they can lobby for anything they want even your health.

  2. Wrong. It's an extract. You know if you took an orange and only extacted the Vitamin C from it. It's the same thing. They can even extract it from cannabis with zero thc init. How ever most states dont allow legal cannabis. But hemp is legal to grow. So most cbd is extracted from hemp so it can be sold acrossed state lines.

  3. It is currently legal in all states. Specifically, if it is THC-free industrial hemp, CBD can be legally extracted and sold. The only gray area that previously was in place was that the industrial hemp had to be grown outside of the USA and imported, but I'm not sure where that line is currently drawn.

  4. CBD oil IS LEGAL in all 50 states. CBD does not contain THC, it does not make you high. Cannabis (marijuanna) 8s a class 1 drug. Studies have shown both CBD and Cannabis to help with but not cure such things as cancer, anxiety, seizures and glaucoma.

  5. Isnt caffeine technically a drug too? Im just asking, i dont know shit about legislations about deitary ingredients and stuff. Cant it be considered like caffeine (not by the effect, they are opposite, but as a "drug" stand point).

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