Ireland needs to have 'the adult conversation' about medical cannabis

A woman who smokes cannabis to deal with her back pain says Ireland needs to have ‘the adult conversation’ about the drug. There has been a lot of …


  1. Decriminalise everything. You can even regulate, tax and standardise strength. Portugal has proven its the right approach. Put the money spent on policing, courts, prisons into programs to help those people and mental health services. Remove the social stigma which blights addiction. Give them self worth and respect. It’s should be treated as a health issue.

    Ketamine, mushrooms, LSD and mdma should be studied and clinical trials carried out for their many benefits and uses in regard to mental health.
    Heroin should be prescribed to addicts in controlled environments as many of the worst side effects and societal issues come from the addiction side and the need to gain money to buy heroin. Plus the fact it’s illegal purity and strength varies which can cause overdoses.

  2. Why does it have to be smoked? There is cannibus oil out there, let’s start with that. Most governments want to keep cannibus illegal because they are in the big pharma pockets. Also, side effects differ from person to person. Most drugs out there have side effects, especially prescription. Also, a lot of people out there who develop psychological effects from cannibus have bought it from an uncontrolled environment, who knows how it was grown and what was put in it to make it stronger or give it a bigger yield. These are variables people seem to be overlooking.

  3. Recreational is necessary, promote a grow your own attitude, it will go a long way to help society and could have helped a lot of people during the lockdown. Its also helpful for people who would rely on sleeping tablets or drink to get good quality sleep.

  4. In the beginning God created the world, and a plant that can help mankind and was used since biblical times and beyond. However due to corrupt racist laws that emerged in the USA to protect a investment in paper mills, Hemp was criminalized. People were mislead from the truth. There are patients who have seen the truth. Google CBD Oil Kids, and then tell me what would the righteous thing to be done. The herb is the healing.

  5. Recent raid in West Cork= 9 Gardai+2 dogs+cars . 'Crop' was legally licenced Hemp (low THC) but portrayed in media as 'major bust'. How come the supposedly under-resourced Gardai can waste so much time on this nonsense when they won't do anything useful such as stopping drivers breaking red lights which I see EVERY DAY in city ? !

  6. In the modern world you don't talk about downsides of anything you want to happen.
    THC and CBD are great, they're wonderful.
    Anyone that has side effects should not use it, simple really.
    If alcohol makes you a sick/angry/broke don't use it.
    Same with THC/CBD.

  7. The medical cannabis thing is only a way of shoehorning in eventual legalisation as happens everywhere it's introduced. And, if you think chasing cannabis hauls is worth a large proportion of Gardai time then I invite you to take a walk down O'Connell street or the quays any day of the week…

  8. Directed at Newstalk if ye read these:
    here's the reality from a former user of more illicit stuff. I did it because I wanted help with my mental ilness (OCD). I'd rather have used weed but yokes (ecstasy tablets) are 10 euro and a few joints is harder to get and costs about 30 euro. To pay 50 you get maybe a day or two worth. So a young me growing up in this trap, I ended up down the easier cheaper and more chemically rewardinga nd addictive path. I ended up doing hard drug after hard drug. Theyre all cheaper and easy to get, easier to get than therapy. Why is weed, shown to be medically viable as zoloft and xanax and less dangerous so expensive compared to these deadly addictive drugs that might as well be heroin for ten euro that is much easier for broke teenagers to afford than grass? Its illegal, so illegal that its risky obviously to import onto this cold island. So the invisible hand of the market taxed it more and more. In order to get cannabis in Ireland you must interact with gangs. No way way around it. Who else would have it. Mostly like raindrops trinkling down a web, the dude youd buy tac off is likely just a college dude tryna smoke what he moves, but thyat dude's dude's boss , his boss, etc, it leads back to the underbelly of Ireland. Very innocent people who dont enage in this stuff and just like to chill out, they dont have a choice. if there was the free market option for busimesses to sell it much like the liquid depression we call culture, alcohol 42 percent for 10 euro jameson, then you would kneecap the gangs in the income stream made from very average unharmful people, young and old. I know of many politicians, teachers, phds, nurses, garda who use it l;ike paracetamol without the risk of addiction. If you legalize it, you hurt the actually dangerous substances and black markets, the same ones that result in all the horrible news you hear of stabbings. Legalizing it wont fix these things, but people are getting it easily anyway so its a matter of who you want your son or daughter having to interact with shoukld they decide to rebel like a teenager does. A dude in a store with cameras like its mcdonalds, or a darkj alley with some dude they dont know? and which should be easier to get and or cheaper? the one that is incapable of killing them no matter how much they smoked (probably fall asleep before they even tried lol) or the one that is killing the youth before now and in the future? I care about this a lot and I believe its important we dont ignore this stuff because its a very serious issue and the nuances are never in the media. People think its a selfish, let me do what i want, but a lot of people are unknowingly victimized by the two branches of government in this country and most countries: the politicians and the gangs. They are not dissimilar

  9. The same people who say marijuana should be illegal are the ones who say benzos and opioids are Ok, it's got nothing to do with what is beneficial to the average person and it's all about big business aka big pharma. Nuff said it's a racket legalise marijuana.

  10. Adult conversation? Anyone remember repeal the 8th debates and the abuse a certain section of society received? What about the Lisbon treaty act one? True democracy demonstrated and what happened? You had to vote again and a certain section of society were treated with contempt by the fake media.

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