Instant Pot Spanish Rice ~ How to Make Rice in an Instant Pot ~ Amy Learns to Cook

Instant Pot Spanish Rice. How to make rice in an Instant Pot. Make Spanish Rice in your Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cooker using this easy recipe. This is a …


  1. Instead of mincing my garlic by knife or using a garlic press, I grate it on a microplane, for the same or similar result. An extra point is earned, since you don't HAVE to peel the garlic; the plane captures the "garlic skin."
    Y'all Be Safe!

  2. I just got my insta pot for Christmas and I’m looking around for recipes and videos and this is definitely something I wanna try and make ! My first recipe was risotto last night and it’s my first time eating risotto and it was so tasty I’m so happy ! Thank you for your video !

  3. Hi Amy and Eric. Doesn’t adding the extra moisture from TWO cans of tomatoes make the rice too sticky? Would you maybe reduce some of the broth or cut back on tomatoes? Personally, I like my rice on the soft side, but fam does not.

  4. looks lovely but I've never seen carrots in spanish rice. for a more traditional spanish rice, definitely add a bayleaf when you're frying your onions and garlic, also a pepper. onions, garlic, pepper and bayleaf is the foundation of the majority of spanish dishes 🙂 always remember wine of course for that authethentic flavour and not forgetting colorante 🙂 . This rice looks lovely and i will definitely try it, but I wouldn't have listed it as spanish rice xx

  5. I had my Instant Pot for over two years. Used it once. I am a show me person. I just didn't understand how to use it. It was so confusing to me reading the directions. Then I seen a video on how to make a Cheesecake in it. That was it! I dusted my I.P. off and watched the video several times. I made it with no problems. My family is crazy in love with the cheese cake. Now I am hooked on the videos and I bought a second one to use. I am totally in love with it. I now have all kinds of gadgets to use with it. So nice to use one pot for my meals and not heat up my kitchen. Thanks for the video. I'm looking forward to making this too.

  6. Dear Amy, I have a question. Some of your videos, for cooking rice, you mention that, after the 12 minutes Rice function beep, we have the left another 10~15 minutes left. Should I activate or deactivate the "Keep warm function" during this time interval?
    And, what's the purpose of waiting those 10~15 minutes?
    Many thanks

  7. the nice thing about an IP is you do not have to "watch" what you are cooking. I like that about it so I can focus on other things that are going on at the same time. Time wise it seems the same, still, it is a good way to cook some meals. The favored thing I like to cook in it is broth. Do it often, I make it with the cut-offs of the veggies and carcass I have at the time. It saves lots of money and if you have to watch salt intake like me, the best.

  8. Amy make a sofrito with onions bell pepper of any color, garlic, cilantro , tomatoes. Add Sazon Goya Tomato and Cilantro one, one chicken bouillon, check salt levels carefully. Add rice and water and frozen peas and carrots. No corn honey. You will love this recipe. Take care.

  9. oh boy another one of my favorite, nice if you could leave the recipe, but I know it's a lot of work. I'm combining a recipe book, that way I will have it in front of me….I can taste the rice lol, tks Nicky

  10. That looks tasty. .. I have the 8qt Instant Pot , however 20/20 hindsight I should have gone with the 6 qt. The 8qt is a bit big for two people and I think it takes a little longer to pressurize and release. But if you're a big family or like to make huge portions it's great.

  11. Gotta say I love your onion chopping! I learned that trick you used from Alton Brown and it works so perfectly! I like how you're explaining ratios. I usually cook with brown rice so I do need more liquids. Keep it up!

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