I Used CBD Oil for One Week for Focus – Here's What Happened

Skip to 4:39 for my experience using CBD oil for 1 week Lately, my mind has been a gigantic fog. I couldn’t focus, get any sleep, or even stop my mind from …


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  2. I totally agree with Katrina right here. I've been using CBD a little bit longer, like 6 months now. It has really helped me relax and deal with my anxiety. Not to mention, it's also great for aches and pains. I use a lot of CBD oil products from different brands and my favorites are Plus CBD and the ones from https://getcbdinfusion.com/ which I really love!

  3. Love this video and love your take and experience with CBD, that's awesome. I also feel like I'm way more productive when I take it vs not. That's why I take some every day before work. Coffee & CBD is a must!! haha.

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