1. Yeah, sounds like she has an underlying condition causing the pain. Most common in this description is Lupus or another autoimmune disorder that is causing chronic inflammation. Peripheral neuropathy pain is excruciating for even an hour if it’s far gone. But smoking every hour for the pain will eventually get your tolerance so high; you won’t be able to get the pain relief you are expecting and will spend days in pain every few weeks or so.. I know because this is what I currently go through.

    Biggest take away if you read this: Cannabis is a pain med with tolerances just like Other pain meds. First try, you get high.. after everyday use, you just feel better, or calm and at peace. The pains goes away and you don’t get high anymore. It’s awesome. ✌🏽 “the high” just keeps the squares out from the pain-free party that’s going on everyday at 4:20.

  2. If been living with chronic pyn for +- 20 years, the prescribed medication had me going suicidal and many other side effects , thanks to marijuana herbs I i was able to overcome most of the pyn .

  3. hello peoples i am 33 years old and i am smoking weed 3 time in a week its safe for me ,also i just started it from 2 month ,i never smoke in my life i just smoking at the age of 33 so its my starting smoking weed i just want to ask you if i get smoke 3 time in a week so its harmful or not?

  4. Both recreation and medicinal are fine by me. Although the Rick Simpson Oil would be more effective medicinally. People abuse this drug by denigrating it without ever giving it a proper chance.

  5. "How do you differentiate between medical and recreational users…" simple, it's this wonderful plant that will give the consumer the benefits…it does not change the properties of the plant being consumed for the user, patient or otherwise…and as far as "abusing it"?…let's try that with man made drugs, because you simply will not die with cannabis, the most natural medicine in the world…

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