I Discovered the very Best vaporizer cartridge for thick oil shatter BHO concentrates "CCELL"

this video gives a closer look at the CCELL cartridge that i use to make super potent vaporizer cartridges out of top shelf shatter. you can get the carts here: …


  1. Why would you even do this and add glycerine over distillate that doesn’t have any adulterants. Amazed by the stupidity of people and the harm they bring themselves putting substances in their body

  2. "mouthpiece is soft plastic so it feels good between your teeth",
    More like "we're too cheap to go with metal mouth pieces so we went with cheap plastic"

  3. Im using ccells with the Mystica II. I never primed my cart before vaping. How dumb was I lol…amazing for seeing this. I was wondering about how many volts do you run the cart at? What is your mix ratio? I'm new to all this. I made my first cart with .7 peg and .3 concentrate…is that to weak?


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