1. You eanna check your ppms and EC in and slurry. You don't really need 4 table spoons of big bloom cuz its not much of anything. But you're ruj through that bottle quick with 4 table spoons.
    In flower you're gonna need you're Open Sessme
    Beastie Bloom
    Then Cha Ching.
    When in flower your plant's hunger for those PK boosters Phosphorus and Potassium.
    And always always start with silicate before calmag. Wait about 30 minutes before adding anything.
    And when PH your plants always dilute. You're supposed to have a cup of distilled or RO water squeeze in a ml or 2 and then pull your ph up or down outta the diluted mixture.
    Ever wonder why your nutrient solution blumes or is cloudy when adding nutes? That's why. The nutrients are precipitating.
    Just a heads-up up my man. So you can push to the fullest.

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