How to: Start growing cannabis in coco coir!

hey guys! these little sprouts are 24hr from breaking soil! this is how you should care for them in this early part of their lives! as always…. HAPPY GROWING …


  1. If you grow cannabis organically Your a botanist now!! Feed the soil that feeds the plant’s
    All about microbes!! do some compost teas every couple weeks!!
    I do dry amending with cocomix (coco,perlite,sphagnum peat moss,volcanic ash and earthworm castings etc..) bat guano in flower(mineralized phosphate).
    I use gaia green but harder for usa to get unfortunately!! But fox farm has dry amendments!!
    Add grinded egg shell for calcium and water with magnesium(epsom salt)every few waters.
    Cannabis takes up more calmag in led light growing.hope this helps some gromies!!

    Lovin the channel brother im sorry for all the comments but im new to your channel and just trying to catch up!!😉
    Happy growin 🍻🌱🌲💨💨

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