How To START A Legal, Personal Cannabis Grow – Very FIRST Steps

What is the first step? Lots of people grow their own weed. Ever-increasing legalization has made this hobby popular. However, there’s LOTS to know. Lighting …


  1. Hello, I am building a grow room in the basment of my house. It is 10×12. I was thinking of 4 600watt LEDs that do a 4×4 bloom. Should I get fewer bigger lights or more smaller. Also I am growing 12 plants with the mind set if longer grow and making the plants into trees. Any thoughts would be helpful. Thank you

  2. are there grow books that "actually actually" teach you how to add nutrients to your plants? Is it because growers don't want anyone to figure out their secret formula and ratios?? for example the usage of the NPK and its relation to MICRO GROW BLOOM. Does Nitrogen or the N in the ratio relate to the chemical fertilizer in "GROW"… and Phosphorous = MICRO? and Potassium = BLOOM? And veggie, we use more GROW and gradullay reduce GROW to incorporate more MICRO AND BLOOM later??? Or does this all really depend on how your plants are reacting to these nutes…. there is no set ratios…. if i can put this in other words… if your a chef… not every chef will cook the exact dish you put up.. cause every1 has their own style of adding nutrients???

  3. Lex. I grow a lot on a wooden table & rarely have any water go out bottom enough even to wipe up. Just easy on water just like a windowsill plant which I start a lot of plants in window for a month. Just regular water & not over water.

  4. LEX, your too much !!! Sure wish you could do a mini series for 1st Time Growers, with minimal bare bones investment to start with. I looking to doing Auto-Flower plants to start with.
    I do have a question: when does the Vegetation Stage Start ? I'm going to try Soil 1st and see how we get along, them a DWC Hydroponic plant or 2.
    I'm not sure yet how Often I need to Feed Nuts to my plants, in soil ??? things like that…… I rather get it from a knowledgeable hands on source, like yourself.
    Keep up the good Videos, I'm planning on starting my 1st grow Jan. 15th 2019 … 2 days prior for the germination. Going onto 3 gallon bags, for there life cycle. Any help is appreciated, in 77 years,
    I haven't grow anything…. so it's all new to me.

  5. I know this is an older video but I hope someone can answer my questions, I think I overfed and over watered my plant.
    There’s browning on the Tips and along the edges of a few leaves on different areas of the plant. I’ve noticed curling today. My question is should I flush or just let it dry out?

  6. I just bought the Cannabis Encyclopedia and I’m going to start growing in a 4×4 grow tent in my garage next month and I would love to cut a little cost and have a decent grow light that doesn’t break my budget or something I can add to to obtain optimal lighting. I would really appreciate the mars grow light from your new video. Thank you.

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