Today, Co-Founder Shayda show’s you how to smoke a joint! For novice users, this can seem very daunting and unfamiliar so we wanted to show just how easy …


  1. if your a first time smoker id suggest using a bong / pipe / vape … joints are a pain in the ass and waste weed sometimes… from my 10 years experience smoking joints = waste of weed / pain in the ass, resin clogging , paper burning uneven, not getting good hits… with that said i have had joints that where really good but towards the end of the joint they get nasty with resin

  2. Do you get the "High" feeling from this??…I smoked the marijuanas about 3 times and got high only two of the times. I hated the feeling though, made me feel real paranoid and depersonalized. Does this give you the same feeling?

  3. So I love smoking but getting high kills my day and cigarettes will kill me eventually. Is CBD a good substitute as in I won’t get high? I’ve considered vaping but I don’t care much to play into the stereotype of being a hippie asswhole with a Subaru.

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