How to Sex your Cannabis Plant / for beginners

This video is for anyone who doesn’t know how to Sex their cannabis plant. Hope this video is very useful. I love each and every one of my Subs.


  1. From what I seen that plant is a male. But it’s hard to tell when the video is like trying to watch the Blair Witch project. Spreading knowledge is great but that’s hard to do when you didn’t even say what sex the plant was or the difference between a male and female.

  2. 👋 I’m jus starting second week of flower, trying to figure out sex and what next .. So thx for this. My hand shakes so much and no glasses so hard to see. I def hav 1 male confirmed.. I’m a rook,. Thx for thinkin of us beginners , some forget or just take it for granted so thank you.🌱♻️✌️

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