How to make STRONG medical marijuana weed GUMMIES alcohol tincture

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  1. Cpl tips.
    Bloom gelatin with the water / tincture and allow to dissolve completely before adding heat.
    Add a little potassium sorbate mixture to prevent mold.
    Stir very slowly or you will get a lot of bubbles.
    Put silicone molds on a cookie sheet before filling so no mess when moving them to cool.

  2. I have Crohn’s disease as well 😳 instantly subscribing because I’ve never ran into anyone on YouTube with my disease so hopefully you have some tips coming! Enjoyed the video 😅😇

  3. This is my first batch I'm making. Is the ounce you weighed out just regular gelatin? And then you added the jello pack later? Also, (not about gummies) to make your tincture.. what type of alcohol do you use and what's the ratio? Like, if I used a half O of weed how much would I use of alcohol? If I used coconut oil in my tincture instead of alcohol, would the make a difference when making gummies?

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