1. i had stage 2 lymphoma and was on the verge of death. this recipe cured me. 3-4 caps a day for 8 months had me very high and also cured me of my cancer. i owe you one bud…

    edit: i just found out a week ago from my doctor that i was now cancer free. now all i have to do is be covid free and i can live life very stoned 😂😂

  2. Could you hypothetically take the infused oil you made with the 7 grams and then take that oil and do the same process with 7 more grams, could you just keep doing until the level of potency you want?

  3. hi bro love ur vid. for the second part where u put it on a hot plate, can u not put it back into the toaster oven instead? also why is this step necessary, isnt it already decarbed? cheers

  4. What if I fried the bud in oil and strained out the bud and filled caps that way? I’ve used this method for edibles and it worked well lol I was slumped off one brownie for two days

  5. I prefer to mix the cannabis with oil first and then put the Oil in a Closed container in the oven on 80˚ celcius for 30 mins. Less waste…

    Edit: filter the cannabis out after heating in the oven. ( Sorry for my english )

  6. Dude, you killed me with the “magnetic stir” shit. I’ve never seen such a thing before. I’m an herbalist that’s been studying herbal medicine for almost 25 years. This literally just changed my life. You have no idea. I swear, the sh*t we learn on YouTube. 🤔😆

  7. Would you do the same if you wanted to make capsules for this plant/herb couldn’t you also finely grind the plant/herb and break them down then just put the ground up pieces in an empty capsule and thats it??

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