1. "1 gram CBD oil per table spoon coconut oil" but the maths do not work. 5.6 grams per 28 grams bud herb / 400 ml coconut = 1 gram CBD per 71.43 ml coconut. But there is only 14 to 30 ml per table spoon ! need to know exact measurement for medicinal strength.

  2. I find easy way in blender 1000 w speed but oil in with your weed or sloid and Mike wizz it up for ten mins get cup out put coffee in them had your cannbisa coconut oil Mike in get me stone .

  3. thanks for sharing this. i love cannabis capsules. i have crohn's disease and couldn't really eat without them. plus, they are beneficial for so many things i have & in general. a lot of good times too if used with respect. coconut oil and whole plant with olive, sesame, kief (in flower shake prior to decarboxylation process). i also use ascorbic acid post heating for an activator/preservative with the whole plant mixes. i may do that with coconut caps but need to do research on the best time to incorporate the aa powder into the mix. perhaps dissolve in warm oul prior to capping it…anyway, great video. best demonstration i have seen re: making canna caps with coconut oil. thanks again & cheers!! (A)

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