1. I decarb for 40-50 minutes or until it’s done bubbling you want to completly activate the thca see how this Guys was all bubbly still when he pulled it out. Only half of the thca was activated so like you gummies would be 10x more potent if you decarbed longer

  2. If you double the amount of wax will it all still mix correctly? I know only so much thc can bond to butter at a time, so I'm wondering if it will double the potency or if I'll just be wasting wax.

  3. Not the way you decarbed it, definitely not 796mg lol. You still had bubbles in it when you froze it, you could literally see them. Anyways please don't decarb like this people

  4. Great video, let your oil cool before you add it to the brownie mix with the eggs and water in it😂😂I failed to do so and cooked my eggs in the bowl😭turned straight to cooked eggs but the Edis still came out fire when I mix it up and added another😈😈

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