How to make Cannabis Coconut Oil

Hey guys please note you can stew this for a less amount of time say, 4 hours once the temperature is reached. PLEASE READ ON BELOW I only left it on for …


  1. Why not just use coconut oil to decarboxylate ? I just made a one hit batch as a tester and decarbed for 1 hour in coconut oil at 110 celsius and its definitely more sedative than smoking. Edibles all the way!

  2. For people who dont wanna stink up the neighbourhood, there is a way to do this with no smell. Use a mason jar in a water bath(pot filled with water) and keep the lid on(the jar)…low to medium heat should do it and if you put the flowers grinded into a coffee filter or cheese cloth no plant matter gets in either…its easy

  3. "16 oz. (1 pound) of quality shake for 2 (small) jars"??? That is a far too excessive amount of bud/trim. Also, "24 hours" in refrigerator? Terrible instructions! I hope no one actually follows through on these directions.

  4. Hello. Interesting video and I would love to try it yet I am not certain about some of the lingo used. Is there something that step by step talks you through with very clear text that those not familiar with terms used often might understand?

  5. Looking for any advice on my method of making Cannabutter/CannaOil. When I make Canna Butter/Oil I use:2cups of Butter or Oil4-5cups of water3oz of herb/flowerThen I mix it all into a Hamilton Beach crock pot on the Low setting. I stir the mixture up good and then stir it around every 30min after that usually for 12 hrs.( I have done 3hrs,6hrs, and 9hrs but for some reason I think 12hrs is best. Most of the material settles to the bottom around this point.) Can anyone tell me if I'm cooking for too long, or using to much herd and wasting herb? Does baking the cookies in the oven at 325°F heat out some of the Cannabinoids, making the cookies less potent? Are there any great recipes I can use to get more BANG for my buck out of my oil?. Thank you all in advance! Much Love and Stay Lifted!!

  6. Im about to try this out with coconut fat, using only leaf-material. Going to incorporate your method for removing chlorophyll as well (leaf material is heavy on that). Will be back with the results. I have a pressure cooker, i was thinking about using it for faster process. What do you think, will it help to speed up the process?

  7. If i was to use a Crock Pot (slow cooker) what's the minimum amount of time I could cook it for, for best results? I dont exactly want it cooking for 16/24 hours as i wont be able to watch it in hat time, thankyou

  8. Great video, thank you for sharing!
    Have you ever tried making this in a crockpot? Do you know what temperature you kept it at without boiling? Have you tried this as a topical treatment for pain?

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